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Mel Gibson Defrocked

by | 17th, August 2006

THERE are few things in life more gratifying that seeing a preacher exposed.

This is not to say we encourage men of the cloth to disrobe in public and make a spectacle of themselves. This is a family website and such things are open to misinterpretation.

We refer to the unmasking of the man who sees depravity and the godless in all. He sees snakes. He knows what sickness lies in the hearts of men. He has read the Bible and seen the movie The Passion of the Christ.

He has inspired the T-shirt (“His Passion is for you”); Witness cards (collectible cards with quotes from the bible – Top Trumps for people who wear white socks and sandals); and brought to the world a Nail pendant (shaped like a nail, this trinket comes with a leather strap. Inscribed on the side is Isaiah 53:4 “He was pierced to save our lives”). I

And here he comes. It’s Mel Gibson. And the headline on the Enquirer’s front page screams: “BOOZING MEL GIBSON’S 15 YEARS OF AFFAIRS.”

How’s that? Mel’s a devout Catholic. His type does not have affairs. He just has lots of little Mels – seven of them – and a doting wife of 25 and more years called Robyn.

But it seems that, as the Enquirer says, all is not as it seems with Mel. As a “Malibu friend” reveals: “His religious fanaticism cloaked a dark, desperate soul who was capable of horrendous rage and bigotry – fuelled by massive amounts of booze and available women.”

The Enquirer calls him a “bible-thumping hypocrite”. Fornicator! A certain Fred Yow says Mel tried to sleep with his daughter (“He wanted to sleep with my daughter Angela, but I told him I’d break his face!”) and ended up sleeping with one of his daughter’s friends. Adulterer!

Diane Alouise says she had an affair with Mel in 1998. “I know other girls who’ve been with him,” ways Diane. “It’s not in Mel’s nature to stay loyal to his wife.” Coveter!

And on it goes. But the more we hear the less we take heed. After all Mel did once say: “The Holy Ghost was working through me on this film [The Passion], and I was just direction traffic.”

It’s not Mel that’s doing any cheating, if any cheating is being done. It’s this Ghost chap. And we see in the Bible that he’s got form…

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