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Sink Of Despair

by | 17th, August 2006

“ABC News reported that at one point, the woman threatened to urinate in a sink,” reports the Sun.

And we say about time. The fight for sexual equality needs people like the 59-year-old passenger on board a United Airlines flight from Heathrow to Denver via Washington.

While men urinate freely over toilet, floor and bin, women onboard planes are chained to the seat. It is time someone made a stand – literally.

But to have made her bid for freedom in a period of heightened security was, in hindsight, less than wise. And, as the Sun reports, the woman was “OVERPOWERED” and “TIED UP” at the back of the plane.

And had things only ended there the unnamed woman from Vermont would have advanced the woman’s suffrage movement. But she went further.

There were “rumours” that she was carrying notes in Arabic and English referring to Al-Qaeda. Police searched her bags and found she had in her possession a quantity of “hand cream”.

Two F15 fighter jets were scrambled and the plane was diverted to Boston’s Logan airport.

The Sun hears from Nenette Day, a spokesman for the FBI: “This isn’t just an ‘I want another drink’ thing. It was a disruption that caused them to divert the plane.”

So the airplane landed. Dogs sniffed luggage for bombs. The jet was scanned for explosives. And the toilet was flushed…

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