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One In The Eye

by | 18th, August 2006

“BUT the eyewear shows she still retains her sense of humour.” The Mail continues its pursuit of Heather Mills McCartney, following her as she steps out in Beverly Hills.

And it is very much on her side. The Mail seems eager to show its support for Heather as she battles for custody of a chunk of Paul McCartney’s many millions.

And it spots her wearing fun eyewear. Half expecting to see Heather wearing a pair of Groucho Marx-style glasses with attached nose, or frames through which veiny eyeballs that spring forward, we are disappointed to note that she wears a pair of ordinary spectacles.

Perhaps she is having a joke at out expense and these are X-Ray specs that can see right through our clothes. In Heather’s eyes we are all naked – just as she will always be in so many of ours.

But the Mail is quick to end the speculation and tells us that Heather’s glasses are sunglasses designed by Stella McCartney, her stepdaughter. The women do not get along.

A source tells us that there is a message in these glasses and “this is her way of saying to Stella… ‘You have won the battle, but you haven’t won the war.’”

But it is a mixed message. And while the Mail sees humour, the Sun says the glasses are Heather sticking two fingers up to the McCartneys. And the Mirror says the glasses show that Heather has “no hard feelings” towards her estranged husband’s family.

Who ever imagined that glasses could say so much? And we look forward to Heather from now on communicating exclusively through her frames.

Here she comes now in pair of Yoko Ono round ones. Ooer. Things could turn ugly…

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