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Boy About Town

by | 18th, August 2006

“IT’S ALL GOOD CLEANER FUN,” says the Star’s headline. And we see a picture of Boy George having a jolly on his community service.

He cavorts with a woman in an orange bib like his own. He sits down and sips a restorative milkshake. It looks like fun.

But at least those of us who like our justice swift and painful get to see the Sun’s picture of George examining the calluses on his hands.

“Did they really want to hurt me?” asks the Sun’s headline, the words hanging above George’s bare head, and a pun on one of the star’s hits. And we say that they did. If the streets are to be truly cleaned up, the likes of George need to be taught what’s what.

And then there are his other crimes for which, sadly, no punishment is fitting.

We are shocked that George has gone native in New York. As George’s fellow British crooner Sting sang in his travel guide An Englishman In New York, the Englishman on foreign soil drinks tea and not coffee, or milkshakes.

Neither should he embrace another in public and encourage the receiving of “high fives”, as appears to be the case in one of the Star’s photographs.

The solitary good point about George’s appearance is that he appears to have avoided the elephant trap of wearing flip-flops over naked feet in the city and stuck with woolly and reliable black ankle socks. Although we are pained to note that his shoes are not trainers.

We advise that he return pronto lest he start wishing people a “nice day” and carrying a firearm about his person…

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