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An Ulrika Moment

by | 20th, August 2006

“CHILDREN, even tiny ones, have an uncanny ability to tune into bad atmospheres.”

If Professor Robert Winston ever thinks about giving up his job as the media face of science, Ulrika Jonsson is a shoo-in for his moustache.

News of the World columnist Ulrika knows about children. And she is worried that Beatrice Mills-McCartney will suffer in her parents’ divorce.

“Their very survival depends on their parents’ ability to care for them – and when something is wrong they sense it, trust me.”

We do. And here’s why. “I know only too well that my children have suffered as a direct result of the heartbreak I’ve endured,” says Ulrika.

“And the anxiety they can’t find the words to express comes out in other ways – tantrums, eating problems and bed–wetting.”

And in time – with luck and Ulrika’s guiding hand – a showbiz column.

Family: Ex-Husbands (2), Children (3)
Story: I know pain
Tone: Pitiful

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