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by | 21st, August 2006

MY name is Katie Andre and “I’m no alcoholic”.

You join us at the Sun drop-in centre where the glamour mo-del is telling the world that she NOT addicted to booze.

Very soon we expect Katie to tell us she is NOT addicted to gambling, NOT addicted to drugs and NOT addicted to acorns. But for now it is alcohol.

And Katie is telling us this because the other day her husband, pop acorn Peter Andre, chose to reveal that he fears his wife may cheat on him when she is drunk.

Writing in his autobiography, Pete says: “She knows she can’t handle it. It turns her into someone I don’t recognise and don’t like.”

But Katie is no alchy. Her gargantuan Jordans are not kept full to busting with gin and mixers.

This is what Katie tells the Sun: “I haven’t got a drink problem. I’m not an alcoholic. I’m not a drunk. I hardly ever drink.”

She continues: “I’ve been drunk no more than four times this year and will often go for weeks without a drop of alcohol.”

Katie is like a celebrity camel. Especially if you look her at from a certain angel…

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