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Marry In Waste

by | 21st, August 2006

THE special souvenir edition had been planned.

Each copy of the Star was to come with a free syringe-shaped kazoo on which readers could play “Here Comes The Bride” and the theme tune from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast. Angela Lansbury would weep.

But things did not go to plan. The Star says Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were to get married this weekend in a “spiritual ceremony on the beach”.

The paper says Kate had flown friends and her daughter Lily Grace to Bali in the expectation of marrying Pete. Everything was in place. All that was missing was the groom.

On Friday Pete was appearing before the Beak. He had been charged with possessing heroine, marijuana and cocaine. The paraphernalia for a typical Stag night out or a Pete Doherty night in, we could not say. All we know is that the accused pleaded guilty. Pete was bailed.

The Mail says he was given a strict curfew and “ordered” to spend his nights at the Priory clinic for the tired and emotional celebrity.

Indeed, we note that Kate has spent time in the Priory and had things been better planned she could surely have stayed the night and taken part in the first celebrity rehab wedding.

But she did not. Kate was in Bali. And the Mail has a shot of her “visage dotted with spots” as she leaves a local club. She is “sweaty and spotty” in the Mirror. She has a “haunted appearance”. She is “tired, sweaty – and with crop of pimples” in the Sun. The Express says her “anguish” is visible to all.

It could have been so different. If only Pete had not gone into rehab, Kate could have looked spotty, tired and haunted in the company of her true love.

And he could have looked the same. Mind, body and complexions as one…

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