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by | 23rd, August 2006

WE just happened upon an episode of Rock Star Supernova, the talent show that seeks a singer for a rock group called Supernova.

It’s Pop Idol for people who can’t talk without shouting. The contestants have the tattoos, the devil horn salutes, the shouty singing voices and tight leather pants in varying shades of brown, black and burgundy.

They lack only the air guitar to look like any wannabe karaoke rocker dreaming of stadiums and divorcing Heather Locklear.

And they have to impress a panel of judges made up of Tommy Lee (for whom every act is “killer”), Gibly Clarke (talked about is what passes for hushed tones in screaming rock circles), Jason Newsted (a dull voice of reason in a room where reason has no place) and Dave Navarro.

Dave wears black clothes and green tattoos. He has a beard that says German teacher at private Austrian boys’ school circa 1939.

He is splitting up from his wife Carmen Electra. The pair married and lived on an MTV reality TV show called Til Death Do Us Part.

And the Enquirer hears claims that in the weeks leading up to their separation Dave had a “wild fling” with actress Jenae Altschwager.

“It was very passionate,” says Jenae. “It was like he wasn’t married.” Whatever can she mean? Our experience with affairs teaches us that married men – especially the ones who know they are married – make for the most frenzied, passionate and desperate lovers.

Dave made love like a singleton! Is that the headline? If it is, Jenae should try again. What about “We met online”? Jenae says she met Dave on the web.

Emails led to calls. And Jenae says they in turn led to a meeting in a hotel room. But she could not have sex with Dave. She left. But she says Dave continued to call. She says he used to phone her “up to 10 times a day”.

And… And that’s it. This is a wild fling with little of the wild and hardly any fling. But there are other accusations that Dave has had affairs with actress Casey Durkin and actress Sarah Howard.

Are these women auditioning? And is Dave asking them to wear leather trousers and scream?

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