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The Bag Lady

by | 24th, August 2006

VERY soon everybody will be doing it. As soon as Victoria Beckham used her handbag as a hat, we knew we were witnessing the birth of a trend.

Of course not everyone can carry the look off, and for every successful bag-hat adopter, there will be many failures.

Coleen McLoughlin may seek to get the look at Asda, for whom she works, but we warn her that supermarket bags are fashioned from plastic and liable to cause suffocation if worn on the head.

Wise would be the Wags and women who study the picture of Posh wearing her bag (made from breathable leather and diamante) as she makes her exit from a London casino.

It may also help to be completely wasted. As the Mirror’s front page says (“I’M POSHED AS A NEWT”), the bag-hat was executed as the climax to Victoria’s six-hour bender.

On the Star’s front page, she’s “SLOSH SPICE”, looking like a Wag in Baden-Baden as she joins the party to celebrate the 31st birthday of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s wife Tana. (In the Star it’s her 32nd birthday.)

Other notables present are designer Kelly Hoppen, actor Ross Kemp and his wife Rebekah Wade, who just so happens to edit the Sun. (Does this explain that why the Sun ignores Posh’s sorry state and focuses utterly on her outfit? On the Sun’s front page, Vicky’s the “Lace of clubs” and inside she’s “POSH JUST ACE IN LACE”.)

Posh is “on a bender like Beckham” (Star). The Mail notes that the evening begins at Mayfair’s Nobu restaurant. The group then moves to a private members club and casino called Fifty.

Champagne is drunk. And after an hour of chat, the friends wander downstairs to the venue’s underground nightclub Fifty Below.

And some time later Victoria emerges. We have seen the bag-hat. And now the Star gawks at her thin arms (“Yuk”) and the absence of her wedding ring.

She’s “WIDE-EYED AND BECKLESS!”. Whatever can it all mean? Did Vicky lose the ring in a wager at the casino? Is she hinting towards a possible split from husband Day-vid.

We hope not. And pray that she gets that wedding ring back on her finger and sticks with her man.

And if the Beckhams want to put the magic back in their love life, why, Vicky can always put a bag on her head. She’s done it before…

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