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Jennifer Aniston’s Frozen In Time

by | 25th, August 2006

WILL tall actor Vince Vaughn and hairy Jennifer Aniston get it on?

Just last week, the Enquirer was wondering if the couple involved in the most sexless romance since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s non event were getting married.

This week, the Enquirer is wondering about Jen and Vince’s babies.

Things move fast in Hollywood. If you blink you might miss it. Ferris Bueller told us that.

So fast do things move that no sooner is the question of babies asked then it is answered. “NO BABIES!” screams the headline.

Which is not the end of things for Jen and Vince – it is just the start of a new front-page chapter for them. And the new story foes: “Will Vince split just like Brad?”

In the space of two weeks, Jen and Vince have gotten engaged, talked about babies and dismissed the chance of having babies. They are now ready to separate?

Life moves on fast in Hollywood. And in next week’s issue we plan to read about Vince’s tragic battle for life and Jen’s hair and hip replacement operation.

Quickly followed by a story of how Jen and Vince have cryogenically frozen in a kiss…

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