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Lindsay Lohan & Katie Holmes

by | 25th, August 2006

DID anyone catch the heartfelt editorial cartoon Lindsay Lohan’s father sketched while sitting in jail?

Click here to view it so that you may understand the importance of the editorial cartoon we’ve posted below. (Then come back.)

As we were looking at it, our assistant burst into our plush office and handed us a mysterious hand-delivered letter marked “urgent”.

We hastily tore it open and were shocked to discover a hand-written note from Katie Holmes! “Please publish this editorial cartoon on Gallery of the Absurd so the public will be aware of my plight. I have no contact with the outside world and am being held prisoner in Tom’s gilded brainwash palace. I’ve sketched this cartoon as a final and desperate cry for help!”

Poor Katie has portrayed herself as being ruthlessly torn from her family.

A bat wielding Tom Cruise battles Katie’s father while Xenu and the Scientologists restrain her distraught mother.

Sumner Redstone looms ominously in the sky above while baby Suri seems to have been abandoned on the steps of the Scientology Center.

I had no idea Katie could draw so well! If she ever manages to escape from Tom’s iron grip, she could make a nice little art career for herself.


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