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Life’s A Dodel

by | 27th, August 2006

WAGS, Sloane Rangers and Anorak’s very own Reaple. We are always excited to see a new set emerge from the celebrity froth. And wonder what we should call Kimberly Stewart.

And not just Kimberly, but Elizabeth Jagger and Leah Wood – three daughters of famous men who have made money from modelling.

There are surely others in this group of women who despite being no more than averagely attractive have made money from their looks.

Life is a breeze for these girls. It’s a doddle. So for now let’s call them Dodels, models who do it the easy way.

And Hello! spots the aforesaid Kimberly on holiday in Sardinia. She’s with her half-sister Ruby (the one with the “waterfall of pale golden hair”, who also models).

Kimberly and Ruby are looking through the outfits. “We’ve got enough clothes for an army,” says Kimberly. Half expecting them to appear in khaki fatigues, we note that the girls stick with dresses that show off their “California-blonde hair, blue eyes and honey-toned skin”. (The Iranian army might not yet be ready for this softer look.)

They then slip into La Perla beachwear for an “exclusive” photoshoot with Hello!. They “turn heads” as they pose in swimwear on dry land at the resort of Cala de Volpe.

“Suddenly an oversized yacht slid into view, slowing to a crawl so that its male skipper could wave to them like a smitten teenager.” These girls have pulling power than tug boat.

Life with the dodels is good. But it has been hard. As Ruby tells us: “Living in LA is as hard as it gets.”

For sure. There must be any number of “blonde-ish, daughters of rich, successful and famous men over in the Hollywood and Beverly Hills hinterlands.

Theirs is a brutal world. And you need Dodel looks to make it…

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