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Tom Cruise – Suri: The Sequels

by | 28th, August 2006

“HEY Tom, this is the dad of the conjoined twins that were separated on Monday.”

Real Madrid are playing football in Salt Lake City. And Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have arrived to see their good pal David Beckham kick a ball. Tom has been spotted and is being addressed by a fellow soccer fan.

Tom turns to the man. “Wow,” he says. “Interesting. How are you doing?”

Hello! fails to report exactly what Jake Herrin, father of twins Kendra and Maliyah, says to Tom. All we know if that Tom wishes Jake the best of luck and looks “genuinely concerned for their wellbeing”.

We too are concerned. Tom’s own daughter Suri was born in April and we have not seen hide nor hair of the bairn since.

As we have reported, rumours abound about Suri’s state of being. Was Suri born a full-sized adult with an eating disorder and a huge walleye on the top of her head? Does Suri speak fleunt medieval Dutch and have a back shaped like a nun’s wimple? Is she one of twins?

Might it be that Tom’s genuine concern is rooted in his own situation? As we say, we have no idea. But until we see Suri we are troubled by visions of what this Suri child might be like.

And we now wonder if she is one of two? And if she is soon to be one of four, one of eight, one of sixteen, dividing in two over and over until none of us can fail to spot a Suri?

“Interesting”, as Tom might say…

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