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by | 30th, August 2006

“THE DIANA DOSSIER.” What’s that then? Why’s it’s “a unique insight into the many unanswered questions which still surround the death of the People’s Princess”.

And to give this priceless document a name we choose to call it “THE DAILY EXPRESS”.

And the news begins thus: “The Alma Bridge which spans the river Seine in Paris is a lively spot.”

In an instant we are in the opening scenes to an American made-for-TV movie. Paris looks remarkable clean and free of the myriad dog turds that little its uneven streets.

The French are insouciant, chic and canoodling in the midday sun. Burning cars and gangs of unattractive, surly youth are way out to shot.

And we are at the Alma Bridge. “Near its southern end, the government offices of the Quai d’Orsay jostle against the ateliers of famous couturiers.”

Never mind that all the best designers are in London, or that buildings only ever jostle one another in an earthquake. This is the Paris of fantasy. It is the Paris where Princess Diana is about to make her “tragic death”.

The Express dossier deals with the “stark facts”. Diana was 36 when he made her last trip in Paris. Fact! She was with her lover Dodi Fayed, 42. Fact! They were both in a car in the Alma Tunnel. Fact! The car’s driver, one Henri Paul, was with them. Fact! The world was a peaceful place, love was in the air and Will Smith was at No.1 in the charts with Men In Black. Fact! Fact! Fact!

“So why the mystery?” asks the dossier’s author Anna Pukas. Because many questions have been asked. “Some have been answered, only to raise more questions, doubts, suspicions and allegations of a cover-up and even murder”.

Questions? And more questions? And each question illustrated with a photo of Diana? She’s in a swimsuit; a pair of sunglasses; gold earrings; diamonds. Diana is in “tight white jeans, sleeveless black top and black jacket all by Versace”. And Dodi is in a “Daniel Hechter leather shirt-style jacket and jeans over boots”.

And all around them paparazzi “chaffing even more for a lucrative picture of the Princess and her paramour”.

Pictures like the one of Di with her head tilted to one side; Di smiling broadly; Di holding a pair of white shoes.

“Why did Henri Paul avoid the established route from the Ritz to Dodi’s apartment? See picture of Diana in grey jacket. “Where was Paul heading to?” Diana is in a diamond choker. There are many more questions.

We could list them but they will – as our writer says – only lead to more questions. And it might be easier just to look at the pictures…

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