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Deer Pay The Price

by | 30th, August 2006

“IT is very important that deer are not simply regarded as pests,” says the man from the RSPCA in the Times.

Indeed. We note that they are a source of food, and parts taken from the male of the species make useful hat stands and places from which toddlers can be dangled by their collars when the naughty step is full.

But still some people see them as pests. And these people include the Biodiversity Minister Barry Gardiner. No, we did not believe this either. A Biodiversity Minister here in the UK? But we looked into things and discovered that Barry does exist and according to his website he is “a keen hill-walker and birdwatcher, and greatly enjoys getting out in the countryside”.

But he cannot move for deer. Barry sees deer as a potential hazard. Says Barry: “They are damaging some of our most threatened woodland habitats. In addition, they are presenting an increasing hazard on our roads, with more than 300 people injured each year in deer-related road accidents.”

These are not just accidents caused by drivers looking out for cute deer and not paying attention to the road ahead but people driving into the creatures.

And this is not on. If deer are to be killed their execution must be carried out in a “humane, responsible and sensitive” way, as the RSPCA man puts it. Barry calls for “any reasonable and humane” means.

While running them over has its merits (tender meat), the approved method is to fire a bullet into their horny heads.

And there are proposals to shorten the “close” period, during which deer are protected, by two weeks. If approved, deer can be killed over a longer period. And the dependent young can be offed if the mother has died.

A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is on hand to explain more about the Deer Initiative Accord.

“Changing farming patterns and the Government’s policy of increasing forest cover have increased the available food and habitat. Climate change has meant we haven’t had a severe winter since about 1963, so everything’s going their way.”

And here comes the school bus their way now. “Look,” say the children, “a deer.” Ooops! Well, it will make a nice change from turkey twizzlers…

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