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The Terrible Two

by | 4th, September 2006

“PLEASE LET IT BEA…FOR ME,” says the Star’s headline.

This is the latest update on the divorce of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney, aka Lady Mucca. And the news is that their daughter Bea is upset.

Indeed, the two-year-old has “thrown a series of tearful tantrums”. In one scene, Bea had a “temper fit” with her mum and a minder as they dined in a health food restaurant in East Hampton, Long Island.

Onlookers say that Beatrice was carried “kicking and screaming” into the street. Heather and her bodyguard were forced to “abandon” their meals.

It was a scene of genuine horror. And it comes just days after Bea had a “similar fit” while plying on the beach. Holidaymakers claim the toddler was “crying and yelling”.

This is just awful. It was meant to be so different. Heather and Bea are renting a £42,000-a-week property two miles away from Paul’s home in the area. This was a shared holiday, a time of peace and coming together.

“It’s a difficult time for everyone,” says Heather’s spokesman. Indeed. But with the right handling things can yet improve.

And one day Bea might just get over her angst and upset. And that day might be around the time of her third birthday, when the terrible twos end.

And the other terrible twos are divorced…

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