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Tony Blair’s In Law

by | 4th, September 2006

“WHEN women such as [Kirstie] Alley, 51, lose so much weight so publicly, women like me (size 16, her former size, most often described as ‘huge’) feel a turbulent mix of envy and admiration.

It’s Lauren Booth, half-sister of Cherie Booth and daughter of the actor Tony Booth. She now more famous for being the woman who is a ‘huge’ as Hollywood star Alley once was.

Lauren is writing in the Mail on Sunday. And she says that her mixture of admiration and envy should be combined to form the world “enviration”. “The word enviration should appear in future dictionaries next to a picture of stunning Kirtie,” says Lauren.

Yes, pictures in dictionaries. Might it be that half-sister Cherie got the brains (and the non-picture dictionary), while Lauren got the size 16 dresses and hips?

And having coined a word, Lauren now conjures up a new stream of journalism.

Lauren notes that American journalist Michael Noer says “career women make bad wives”. These men are “insecure nitwits” says Lauren.

They “want their wives to stay at home but have plenty of their own money. To be with the children all day long but not be boring.”

She concludes: “Watch out for more articles about the want-it-all male.” And, perhaps, watch out for them in Lauren’s column.

And look out for a mention of Lauren’s brother-in-law- Tony Blair. Lauren says she can hardly wait for the Labour Party Conference, and Tony’s speech.

And she’s prepared some gags. “’Knock Knock’ Who’s there?’ ‘Gordon Brown’ ‘Oh buzz off for another year, will ya?’”

Not to worry. Perhaps Lauren can sing, like Peter ‘insania’ Andre, and Cherie…

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