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The Look Of Love

by | 6th, September 2006

“A MUM and son have blown £5,000 on plastic surgery – to make them look like twin sisters.”

That’s the Star’s story. And we are impressed. Keen to discover the roots of this news we read on.

As the Star reports: “As a crop-haired 16-year-old Steven Boyes could not have looked more different to brunette Sandra. But then he became one of Britain’s youngest qualified hairdressers.”

We students of hairdressing know what is to come. First it’s the highlights, then the shaggy perm and the mullet, and before you can say “wash and blow”, the macho hairdresser has turned into a stylist called Serge with gamboge streaks in his goatee beard.

But Steven has gone further. Having styled David Bowie and Footballers’ Wife actress Zoe Lucker, Steven began to practise new looks on his mum Sandra.

The Star says that mum and son swapped beauty secrets. The pair, who now work together in Bradford, had their hair dyed a matching platinum blonde.

“Filler” was injected into their faces. Sandra had an eye-lift and her teeth turned a brilliant white. Steve had his facial stubble removed.

Says Steve: “I’m over the moon that I look like my mum as we’re so close.” Says Sandra: “It’s lovely that we look more alike.”

And so it is. And we look forward to the duo’s next experiment in which Sandra strives look like a middle-aged man…

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