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Pete’s Retreat

by | 6th, September 2006

“DOHERTY SEX DEN,” announces the front page of the Star. “Inside the squalid crack house where junkie Pete romped with BB Nikki.”

And right away we need to clear up two things. Firstly the Pete in the headline is Pete Doherty and not Pete Bennett, winner of the Big Brother TV show.

Bennett has never been a junkie and although it is tempting to see his time in the BB house as an extended period of cold turkey, it would be wrong.

Nikki is, of course, Big Brother’s elbow-skinned face Nikkkki Grahame. As reported, this demented half-person used to work in vice and was once hired to entertain Pete Doherty.

All three are manufactured celebrities – Pete Bennett and Nikki are creations of reality TV, and Doherty has been made and moulded by what can best be called reality journalism.

And the reality of Doherty is that he used to live in a “filthy doss house”. Pete is currently residing at the Priory Clinic and has no need for his old gaff.

And yesterday the Mail looked on as Pete’s “associates” arrived to take things of value (acoustic guitars) and leave the rubbish behind (pretty much everything else).

Doherty owes £10,000 in rent, and the feeling is that he left before the bailiffs arrived to seize his possessions, doubtless wearing thick rubber gloves as they went about their business.

But before they arrive, and owner Andres Panayiotou can give the place a delousing in readiness for its unveiling as the first Museum of Doherty (like the National Trust restored home of John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi but with less chintz), the Star takes a peep through the keyhole.

The entrance hall has no place to hang coats and jackets. But there is a complimentary can of lager handily sat on a window ledge.

There is also a visitor book, which doubles as the flat’s front door. Callers are encouraged to sign their names using pen, paint or some more personal substance.

There are more words on the wall of the bathroom. But it is the reception area that will serve as the museum’s biggest draw.

The door to the sitting room is covered in writing. “YOU WILL HAVE TO WALK AWAY WITHOUT A THOUGHT TO ANEW TIME,” says an area over the mantle piece. “ham,” says another wall. There are bin bags and assorted Pete memorabilia on the floor.

It’s an interesting example of post modern living, for sure. But we do need someone to show us round, and preferably someone who knows the place intimately. Someone to live in the flat and maintain its look and feel.

Wonder what Nikkki is up to..?

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