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The Making Of A (Russell) Brand

by | 7th, September 2006

IT’S the making of a Brand… Russell Brand.

From being a gauche presenter on yoof telly, Brand has become a gauche presenter on yoof telly who makes a quotidian appearance in the papers.

Today Russell is in the Sun, which tells of how he got 20 of the audience to strip on his new telly show, Russell Brand’s Got Issues.

Brand is a comedian, a kind of shock comic, whose essential joke is his appearance (gauche) and love of doing wild and whacky things (it says here), like getting his penis out in public. He’s a one man Hale & Pace, albeit without the subtlety.

And having encouraged people to take off their clothes, Russell is spotted by the Express cosying up to Kimberly Stewart.

And just how close Russell and Kimberly got is a matter of debate.

As he stepped up to accept his gong for Most Stylish Man Of The Year at the GQ Man Of The Year Awards, Russell said: “Here’s to Rod Stewart, who had a go at me earlier this year for too much womanising.” He goes on: “But then again, I did have a go on his daughter.”

That’s Kimberly, who, according to Russell, when she’s not modelling functions as a kind of fairground attraction or bike. Go on, give her a "go".

Rod, who was at the do, stood up and applauded. He whooped. He bounded onto the stage to collect his Outstanding Music Award, slapped Russell on the back and said that all women were fair game.

Just our little joke. Rod was collecting a lifetime achievement gong, that much is true. And he does address Russell from the stage.

Rod: You went out with my daughter, did you, Russell? Well, stand up.
Russell stands up.
Russell: (mumbling) I took her out for the evening.
Rod: Did you behave yourself?
Russell: I never touched that girl
Rod: F***ing right, you didn’t. You mustn’t come up here and boast. I speak here as a father.

Russell was cowed. But no publicity is bad publicity, not when you’ve a Brand to build. And, as the Mail sees, Russell approached Rod and the pair agreed to pose for photographers.

Rod standing with the man who badmouthed his daughter in public. And Russell standing next to someone famous…

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