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Ben Affleck Speakzzzzz

by | 7th, September 2006

HAVING endured the most sexless romance in Hollywood history (and we include David Gest’s marriage to Liza Minnelli), Ben Affleck is a changed man.

His wedding to Jennifer Lopez was to be the highlight of the Anorak social calendar, and for a while we were bitter about not seeing Ben and Jen step over the ice bridge and unite in holy matrimony.

But then Ben met another Jen. And we were able to recycle our wedding card and wish the couple all the best. And Ben and Jen II have a child. She’s called Violet.

And now in conversation with OK!, Ben will tell us all about his life his loves and his child.

“Without going on too long and boring you” – as if! – Ben says that being a father is great.

Jen is spectacular” and just the other day Jen came in and said: “Okay, you know to feed her with the solid food.” Ben said “Yes. I know how to feed her.”

She said: “You take the peachezzzzz…”

Sorry Ben. Late nights. Children. You know how it is. You were saying…

“She said you take the peaches in the thing and you stir that up and you put that in with a little oatmeal and then put that with a little bit of the crushed pearzzzzzz…”

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