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Wayne Rooney – Dancer

by | 8th, September 2006

“ROO DECKS PREM STAR IN CLUB.” So says the front page of the Sun.

It could never be long in the coming. As soon as Wayne Rooney, for it is he, rested his bruised metatarsal in the yielding groin of a prone Portuguese we watched for a repeat performance.

And what better place to do The Rooney than in Manchester’s “fashionable” Panacea bar.

While other clubbers “put the left foot in, left foot out, do La Rooney, and scream and shout”, the Sun tells its readers about Rooneys latest escapades.

It seems that while in the club, the dance master was approached by Blackburn Rovers full-back Michael Gray.

A witness says that Wayne, in the company of the lovely Coleen McLoughlin and three other couples, was soon roused.

Says the source: “He’d been drinking and said Wayne should share the girls around and suggested they take two each.” The Sun says Gray asked Wayne if he and Coleen were up for “threesome”.

“He became increasingly obnoxious,” continues the source. “Wayne was very cool to begin with but Gray wouldn’t back off.”

So Wayne hit him. He put his fist in (to Gray’s face), his fist back out, he waved it in the air, he began to scream and shout.”

It was a great night. And while the Sun shows a picture of a forlorn Gray hiding his bruise behind sunglasses, we salute Rooney – footballer, lover and dancer par excellence…

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