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Catching Peaches

by | 11th, September 2006

“WE’RE still playing everywhere all the time, we just can’t post out gigs on this site. So if you want to know where our next gig is, contact our booking agent or us.” So says Peaches Geldof on her website.

The Star says dad Bob Geldof has imposed a strict 9pm curfew on his daughter. He is said to be upset at her DJ-ing and prefers it that she knuckles down to her studies.

But we want to know where the next Peaches gig is. Peaches is in a band called Rubbish Doggs, Crab Bitches, Trash Puppies or something. It’s a post modern act in which instead of sitting in her room playing records, 17-year-old Peaches goes out and plays records in someone else’s room, club, pub or tent.

And to discover the venue for Peaches’s next gig, we plan to call at the Geldof home. And having gained entry by way of our cunning disguise (Bono, Nelson Mandela or Phil Collins are the preferred choices), we intend to ask Peaches about her performances.

Of course, we need to time things properly. Peaches might not be home. She could be at her £15,000-a-year school, where she’s studying for A–Levels in classics, English and politics.

Calling while Peaches is out could mean spending time in the company of Bob, and being forced to talk about world issues and, very possibly, hear him sing or play one of his own records…

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