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Harry & Willy

by | 12th, September 2006

THAT Prince Harry’s his father’s son all right.

Just get a load of him sticking his hand down his trousers in public and rearranging his tampon, or whatever it is he keeps down there.

Harry is at a polo meet and the Sun has captured the moment of adjustment in glorious technicolour.

Of course, we have seen this kind of thing before. The old hand down the polo pants caper is a move we have seen Prince Charles make in the national press.

And while Harry gropes with his heritage (a nice change from groping someone else’s breasts), the Sun is distracted.

Who is that ravishing creature, that vision of loveliness in the pale blue bikini. The long legs. The yellowy hair. The reserved nature. Why if we didn’t know better we’d wager it was Princess Diana herself.

But looking again we see that it is not. It is Prince William. And this get up is in honour of a 007-themed do at Sandhurst College.

Wills thought it a good idea to dress up as a Bond Girl. Girlfriend Kate Middleton was resplendent in wet suit and toy gun.

While this is an improvement on his brother’s favoured garb of a Nazi uniform, it is nonetheless a shocker. “It’s not often you get to spend the evening with the future King wearing a bikini,” says a Sandhurst source.”

Indeed not. Such a treat is usually reserved for the Royal Family’s inner circle of trusted friends and relations.

The rest of us have to make do with them dressed up as jockeys with their hand down their pants…

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