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Hasselhoff’s Belt Tightening

by | 12th, September 2006

The Godfather With Soul

While being driven though a rundown area of Atlanta, Georgia, Godfather of Soul James Brown told his chauffeur to pull over. He then handed out $2,000 to a bunch of homeless people, making them promise not to spend it on booze or drugs. Which – shock of shocks – they did.

Money Watch

A look now at David ‘The Hoff’s’ Hasselhoff’s divorce from Pamela Bach. According to the National Enquirer, both parties have agreed to take a$27,000 a month from the pot to pay for cell phones, vets bills and cars. In the month of July 2006, the Hasselhoffs spent: $931.09 on phone bills, $1,225.75 for 16-year-old daughter Taylor Ann’s Land Rover, $10,900 a month on David’s bachelor pad and $740 a month on gardening. Doesn’t look like The Hoff needs to tighten his belt just yet – althogh he could if he wanted to…

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