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Jade Goody’s PA System

by | 13th, September 2006

IT must be hard work being as thick as Jade Goody. Or “dippy” as the Sun says.

Jade operates as some council estate Bertie Wooster, a mentally negligible sort who, though nice enough, finds herself in all manner of scrapes. For Bertie’s “What ho-ing!” it’s Jade’s “You What-ing?”

Now, as the Sun reports, Jade is in trouble with the law. You what! She’s racked up £8,000 of car fines.

But what with Jade being thicker than Gussie Fink-Nottle’s custard, she needs a professional to sort her tickets out. Jade needs a Jeeves.

“My PA will get a bloody good salary,” says Jade. “I had to find someone to help. They’ll probably take my car off me if I didn’t pay.”

So she needs someone to sort out her tickets. And her life. On Monday, Jade turned up to a radio interview in her pyjamas.

A source tells the paper: “She was a bit red-faced but is so busy she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going.”

What a silly. But with some help, Jade can yet prosper. And with any luck she can employ someone really brainy.

The only trouble is that this new PA might make Jade look even more professionally dim. And how awful would that be?

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