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Jay Kay’s ‘Ell

by | 13th, September 2006

WHILE Lindsay Lohan sunk vodka inside London’s Kabaret Prophecy club, and photographers vied to look up her skirt, outside on the pavement singer Jay Kay was defending her honour.

The Sun has a picture of the 36-year-old Jamiroquai front man aiming a pretty lame looking punch at the head of 50-year-old snapper Alan Chapman.

Chapman reels away, perhaps in delight. After all, his fellow photographer Alessandro Copetti is well positioned to get a decent look at the aggressive and drunk singer.

As he tells the paper: “He was steaming drunk. Photographers were waiting for the actress Lindsay Lohan – but Jay Kay thought we were there for him.”

Thought. Or hoped? Can there be anything more depressing for a once top star than the realisation that you are old news? “Move out the way, son,” say the snappers to the singer of yesterday’s sound. “You’re blocking our view of the real star.”

Perhaps this is so. Or, as we say, perhaps Jay Kay is looking out for Lohan, creating a diversion so she and her knickerless backside can snake away unnoticed?

We are not sure. But Jay is putting up a decent show. The “Bop Star” (Star) is hurling abuse

The Mirror hears him shout “monkey” at the snappers. But before they could reply “bananas”, “nuts” or some other associated word, Jay Kay had moved on.

Approaching one photographer, he asked: “Are you Italian?” He then hit him. “Well, you aren’t fast enough.”

Yes, we thought so too. Playing word games with Jay Kay is no fun at all. And after that – is the inference that Italians run away? – Jay then punched the aforesaid Chapman in the head, knocking off his glasses.

Police were called. Jay Kay was arrested. And, as a passer-by tells the Mirror, the signer told the officers: “I pay your wages!” The police are said to have reminded him that everyone pays their wages. To which Jay is said to have replied: “You all live in poverty, you miserable f***ers!” He then called the photographers “gay boys from the south” and promised that he could take them all on.

And meanwhile Lindsay Lohan made good her escape…

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