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Penelope Cruz Is Angelina Jolie

by | 13th, September 2006

“IN certain light and at certain angles, there’s an uncanny resemblance to Sophia Loren.”

Indeed. We too have noticed it. If you approach Penelope Cruz at twelve minutes after dusk on July 15th, taking care to move in from a south-south-east trajectory, and focusing on the nape of her neck, she is indeed a dead ringer for the Italian actress. It’s uncanny.

At all other times, she looks nothing like the aged Italian actress. And all the two sirens of the screen share are an acting career, a Latin name and dark hair.

Penelope looks no more like Sophia than she does Al Pacino, Jennifer Lopez or Basil Fawlty (in certain light and at certain angles).

Penelope is Penelope, and here she is in the members’-only lounge at New York’s Soho House.

Contently dressed in a pair of jeans, “a simple blouse and minimal makeup, her lustrous auburn hair hung loosely around her face”, Penny tells us about her new movie, Volver.

It’s great. The other actors are great. She’s blessed to be in it. And…

And does Penelope want any children? Just wondering. “She wants “lots of kids – kids of my own, but also to have adopted a kid or two.”

So she’s considering adoption? Not now, but “it is something I really want to do”. Really. Hello! pauses. It’s ready to move on.

Next question: “In what sense do you admire Angelina Jolie?”

It just that in certain light and at certain angles, Angelina adopted some children too. And her name ends in a vowel. So…

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