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His Whit’s End

by | 14th, September 2006

“WE’VE gone our separate ways and I’m looking for new tenderloin.”

And so it was that with those, er, tender words, Bobby Brown announces that he and Whitney Houston are to divorce.

Having married in 1992, the singers are to duet no more. But while Bobby is looking for fresh meat, Whitney is said to be “shellshocked and distraught”.

Judging by recent pictures of the singer, shellshocked and distraught might now be her preferred state. And we wish her well with it.

And the Star’s thoughts are with the couple’s daughter, Bobbi. She’s aged 14 in the Star (and 13 pretty much everywhere else). Reading such stories as the Star’s “I won’t always love you” must be difficult.

But there is hope. And although we are not told why the couple are to split, we recall a recent story about Osama bin Laden’s desire for Whitney.

Might it be that the couple are separating for health reasons? As was reported, the world’s most wanted man has apparently planned to make Whitney his own and, if needs be, kill Bobby.

Who in Bobby’s shoes would not contemplate divorce? And who in Whitney’s heels would not let their man go, and set about making themselves as unattractive as humanly possible?

It’s for the best…

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