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by | 14th, September 2006

IN today’s “The Daily LOHAN”, the renamed Daily Mirror has a picture of Lindsay Lohan holding a mobile phone to one ear, her right one.

Why? We can only guess. But since Lindsay’s doing it you can bet it won’t be long before we’re all at it and everyone from wannabe stars to plumbers and even estate agents is holding a phone to their ear in public.

And this is not all. The Daily Lohan says that the “actress” (and those are the Mirror’s inverted commas not ours), is now in her native New York.

Just days after appearing at London clubs, she’s at the city’s Bungalow 8 venue.

And the Mirror is impressed. It wonders how 19-year-old Lindsay manages to do it. Perhaps it is because she is young? Perhaps it is because she sleeps on the plane and has staff to cater to her ever whim? Perhaps it is because there is not one Lindsay but several, each functioning for a single night before burning out?

We do not know. But the Lindsay in today’s Mirror “has been spotted taking ice from her – numerous – drinks and putting it on her eyes to keep the puffiness down the next day”.

This is telling stuff. And right it is that the Mirror says “ice on, Linz” to this ice cool starlet.

Expect more news tomorrow – when Lindsay puts her hair in bun, her feet in some shoes and The Daily Lohan gives away a free Lindsay ice cube with every copy…

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