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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Call It A Night

by | 15th, September 2006

“TOM Cruise and Katie Holmes are sleeping in separate bedrooms!”

This is sensational news. So sensational is this news that the Enquirer says it three times.

Note the front-page headline: “TOM & KATIE SLEEPING IN SEPARATE BEDROOMS!” It is repeated in lurid yellow ink inside the magazine.

And if that was not enough to drum the news home, the Enquirer repeats it one more time with feeling: “Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are sleeping in separate bedrooms!”

Reading on we learn that these separate bedrooms are at last in the same home, the Hollywood mansion Tom and Katie share.

As a source tells the Enquirer: “The Tom and Katie saga has taken a new twist – they’re sleeping in separate bedrooms.”

This news gets no less shocking for its repeating. But before we imagine these bedrooms are symptomatic of a deeper rift, the source tells us that Tom and Katie are “crazy about each other”.

And – yes! – this is the same Tom and Katie who are sleeping in separate bedrooms. Crazy love, crazy guys.

Crazy seems to be very apt word in this relationship. As does “whipsawed”. Listen up as a source tells us that: “The past year has been a killer. Katie’s been whipsawed from her life as a struggling TV actress to Tom’s jet-propelled stratosphere.”

That would be the struggling TV actress who featured in the internationally acclaimed, backwater teen telly hit Dawson’s Creek? Who featured in the car-key swapping 1990s hit The Ice Storm? Who starred in the movie Wonder Boys?

The Katie Holmes who is sleeping in a separate bedroom to her lover, the actor Tom Cruise?

Yes. It would!

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