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Kate Moss’s Shot In The Arm

by | 15th, September 2006

“HOW £15m Moss is cashing in on drug scandal,” says the Mail.

The paper says that a year after being “photographed snorting cocaine”, Kate Moss’s career has grown in potency. The cocaine story was a shot in the arm for brand Moss.

But before we go on, the Star wants to say that Moss was only “apparently” seen snorting cocaine. As we have said, the substance Kate was pictured chopping up could have been talcum powder, sherbet or anthrax.

And the Star would also like its readers to know that Kate now has the highest number of advertising deals of any celebrity. It says her contracts are worth not £15m but £30m. As the paper’s headline says: “THE DRUGS DO WORK.”

For sure. But before wannabe celebrities dash out to get some washing powder and a camera phone, know that it takes more than just a drugs story to make you rich.

Like Kate, you will need a wasted boyfriend. The Mail says Kate’s relationship with pop f***wit Pete Doherty has raised her profile, and his.

And you will need a photogenic face, an elfin figure and the ability to walk with one leg in front of the other down a catwalk and back again.

You will also need a willing press, keen to write about your every move at length.

They will list the companies you represent (as the Star and Mail do), so securing their exposure and your future earnings…

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