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Elton John’s Dead Good Pals

by | 15th, September 2006

ELTON John has buried more showbiz friends than most of us can ever hope to meet alive.

In the Sun’s “ELTON JOHN EXCLUSIVE” (to rival the Mirror’s “EXCLUSIVE”), Elton tells of the “trauma of losing many close pals including Princess Diana, Freddie Mercury and John Lennon”.

As Elton says: “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of the people like Gianni [Versace] and Diana and John Lennon and other friends who have gone needlessly.”

We too have lost friends. But on the point of listing them, Elton issues a kind of challenge: “Two of my best friends have been murdered on their doorsteps in America – I don’t think many people can say that.”

He’s right. Not many people can. Much less in an exclusive interview to promote their new album.

You see, Elton has penned a song about his deceased friends. “This song is about how life is so unfair when great people go and others don’t.”

How much less painful it would have been had, say, Gianni Versace’s killed missed his target and shot the designers cleaner in the head. Or if some other less worthy car passenger had died in an accident and Diana lived.

But, as Eton says, life is “unfair!”. But life goes on. And over in the Mirror’s exclusive, Elton realises that some greats are still alive.

He says that his “heart bleeds” for Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus. He likes Will Young. His pal James Blunt is “very hurt” by the criticism. Madonna has donated £25,000 to Elton’s Aids Foundation. Robbie Williams is “talented”. Elton is good friends with Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne.

What are they if not great? And alive..?

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