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by | 18th, September 2006

“TARRANT’S 10-YEAR AFFAIR,” says the front page of the Mirror.

What began as an illicit kiss in a Surrey bar nicknamed ‘Divorce Central’, a venue packed with bare-arsed desperate housewives, is now a full-blown relationship.

And we read that for the past decade Chris Tarrant, who presents TV’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has been cheating on his wife Ingrid with one Fiona McKenchie.

Fiona is revealed to be 50 years old and a trustee at a charity Chris is involved in. It’s called Headway, which may produce a snigger from adolescent sections of Anorak’s readership. More so when we tell you that Fiona works as a deputy head mistress.

Indeed, some teenage pupils at Miss McKenchie’s school may find it hard to control themselves as they hear a friend of Chris’s say: “His marriage has had some very rocky spells because Ingrid is so high-maintenance. Fiona has been a port in a storm.”

The source goes on: “There has been a strong sexual element to their relationship.” You don’t say. Sex in an affair? It’s true.

And for a moment we wonder what else philandering Chris has been up to as the Mail’s front page beings news of “Why our marriage is over by Ingrid Tarrant”, beneath another headline: “THE BETRAYAL OF 60,000 CHILDREN.”

Not that Chris has been that prolific. No children other than his and Ingrid’s are involved.

But what does Ingrid have to say? The Mail sees Miss McKenzie stood beside her partner, company director Simon Blackwood, as he reads aloud a statement. He says “we expect to grow old together” (perhaps ageing quickly after this) and “we are not going to comment on other people’s personal affairs”.

Quite so. Other people’s affairs are private matters, even if the suggestion is that they are also you lover’s affair and one party is a TV star.

But what of Ingrid? Well, nothing. The Mail’s front-page teaser suggests a tete-a-tete with the wronged wife, but all we get is Ingrid saying: “I don’t want to say anything until I’ve sat down and digested all of this”

And as she thinks she might like to read the Star’s “15 key questions for quiz show king.”

Questions Ingrid might like to ask her husband include: “Where were you last night?”; “How much does it cost to hire a private detective (Ingrid hired one to track her husband).

And: “How much money are you going to give me?” And should I call my friend the lawyer…

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