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Hilton’s Bed & Bored

by | 19th, September 2006

PARIS Hilton is multitasking in the Mirror. She is talking on a mobile phone, carrying shopping bags AND wearing sunglasses.

It is not for no reason that she is desired. And here comes an admirer now. Why, it’s none other than British comedian Steve Coogan.

As the Sun reports (“Coogan can’t get into the Hilton”), Coogan has been out in Los Angeles’s Hyde Club with Paris and Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly.

Coogan is in Tinsel Town to meet TV executives. He’s checked into the Chateau Marmont hotel. And he’s taken another room at the nearby Mondrian under the name Joel Rosenthal. This is his personal “love pad”.

And here is Steve drinking with Paris Hilton, sunglass wearer, mobile phone talker and star of straight-to-internet home movies.

Things are going well. A source sees drinks being drunk. But Kimberly and Paris have had enough. They head off.

But Coogan is not ready to call it a night. So, as a source says: “He got a taxi to take him to Paris’s house and ended up banging on the door for an hour asking to be let in but Paris refused.”

Steve can huff and he can puff but Paris will not let him in. As the Sun reports, Paris calls him “Courtney’s Creep”, after Steve’s fling with her friend Courtney Love. This is not believed to be a term of endearment.

But, of course, it’s probably all just a terrible misunderstanding. It’s that Rosenthal chap who’s the pest. Coogan’s just getting into character…

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