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by | 20th, September 2006

WHEN Theo Walcott was selected to play for England in the World Cup, we were introduced to football’s latest tyro.

And, more vitally, we also got to meet his girlfriend, the blonde Melanie.

While Theo warmed German benches, many wondered why the 17-year-old had been selected to travel and then not chosen to play.

And then we saw Mel, also 17, looking youthful, her flaxen hair blowing in the balmy air, her pert frame skipping over the Baden-Baden cobbles. And we wondered.

Was Mel part of the deal? Were England players now being chosen on the fanciability of their girlfriends and wives?

How long would it be before Old Mr Anorak got the nod to represent his country on account of his patronage of the Thai ladies’ ping-pong team?

But our fears, and excitement, were for nought. Theo has proved himself to be terrific talent. And now with Mel somewhere near the Arsenal striker’s new five-bedroom Hertfordshire mansion, he talks to Hello!.

And Hello! wants to know if David Beckham has given Theo any advice. Indeed, if Theo wants to be the new star, he’d best learn how to secure his image rights. Today Hello!, tomorrow OK!.

David told Theo “to always ignore what goes on in the background.” And get the basics right.

As Mel says, David and Posh invited the teen lovers round to their villa when the team were training in Portugal. “

Victoria was extremely kind – she gave me about three or four pairs of her jeans and her tops.”

As we say, get the basics right and the rest will fall in to place…

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