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by | 21st, September 2006

HERE at Anorak we don’t flinch from stories that other publications might understandably shy away from. Even when bad news is close to home, we put our news values before personal considerations.

Yet it is with sadness that we turn to page 23 of the Mirror, and see: “BRITAIN’S OLDEST KERB CRAWLER CAUGHT AT 95.”

“Officers saw the widower pull up at the roadside and invite a young woman into his car late at night.”

So? Is this a crime in Blair’s Britain? No doubt there is a perfectly innocent explanation. Perhaps there were no Werthers Originals left in the glove compartment, and he was asking directions to the nearest all-night garage.

Apparently not. Police followed the couple to a secluded car park and “nabbed” the pair “as they were getting down to sexual activity”.

The man has not been named, and has been let off with a caution because of his age. “He appeared to be ashamed,” said a police spokesman.

Old Mr Anorak was not available for comment.

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