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Madonna’s Too Tokyo Hyatt

by | 21st, September 2006

HOLD UP, what’s all this in the old Currant Bun?

Turns out that Anorak’s favourite cockney hard man Guy Ritchie is getting more grief from his Yankee trouble-and-strife. Seems Ritchie is refusing to play Scrabble with the missus because she is “too competitive”.

“Madonna doesn’t like losing at anything,” a source tells the paper. “The atmosphere was so intense and she was such a sore loser that he told her he wouldn’t play her again. Even Tiddlywinks could start World War III.”

We know how she feels. Anorak remembers the days when the young Guy would work the pubs of the East End as a Scrabble shark, hustling punters for a game of “Margaret”. (Margaret Drabble – Scrabble.)

Inevitably an argument would ensue over the spelling of “geyser” or some such, and before long Guy would pull out his shooter and say that things were getting “too Tokyo Hyatt” (rhyming slang: quiet and meditative – competitive).

The board would go flying, tables were turned over, and in the melee Guy would sweep the stake money off the board and leg it.

Two or three results like that in one evening and he would have enough for a slap-up supper and a tuppenny slapper. Lavverly!

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