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Poor Jennifer Aniston

by | 22nd, September 2006

JENNIFER Aniston’s role as Hollywood’s victim-in-residence moves on apace.

Having been cruelly overlooked for an Oscar, the Nobel Peace prize and the role of Whitney Houston in the upcoming Osama bin Laden biopic, the Enquirer leads with the headline: “JEN HUMILIATED.”

“All alone as Vince parties,” says the front-page teaser. And inside the magazine Jen learns that while on a trip to the Toronto Film Festival, Vince Vaughn, Jen’s “on-again, off-again” lover, was “spied having intimate chats with two mystery brunets”.

To give Jen, and its readers, an idea of what a brunette looks like, the Enquirer shows one standing in the vicinity of Vince. The caption says a brunette gives Vince a “friendly hug”. The picture shows this brunette greeting a man standing behind the actor.

Another picture, this own entitled “STAR SIZZLER,” shows Vince looking in the general direction of said brunette, and being passed by another.

To the casual observe, there is nothing to see. This is a non-event.

But to Jennifer Aniston it is surely a bitter blow. As anyone who has watched Jen and Vince stand close to each other knows only too well, beneath the tepid, sexless exterior lurks the burning passions of love and lust.

Is this what we are looking at? And if it is, our hearts go out to poor Jen…

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