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Mush & Bush

by | 22nd, September 2006

AFTER Ashley Cole’s laugh-a-line humour book, the Times leads with news of another notable’s tome to be serialised in the paper.

“‘We’ll bomb you to Stone Age, US told Pakistan’,” says the paper’s front-page headline.

The words are taken from an interview President Musharraf of Pakistan held with US TV show 60 Minutes. Mush (if he’s going to be a celebrity and share a sofa with Richard & Judy’s book club he needs a nickname) has penned his memoirs. And such talk is sure to boost interest in it, and sales.

Called In The Line of Fire, the book will blow the lid off international diplomacy. Now read on…

Says Mush: “The intelligence director told me that [Richard Armitage, the then US Deputy Secretary of State] said, ‘Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age’.”

Mush says this he thought this “a very rude remark”. Indeed, in Pakistani circles it is considered bad form to tell another person that you intend to reduce their lives to rubble.

For his part, the Times says Armitage does not deny the claim, although he disputes the language.

But misunderstanding or not, American and Pakistan are at odds. The Times quotes President Bush telling CNN that he would send troops into Pakistan if he knew that Osama bin Laden was hiding there.

When asked if he would order the killing of Bin Laden, Bush replied “absolutely”.

And Mush is not pleased. Says he: “We wouldn’t allow that. We would like to do that ourselves.”

Indeed, it is hard to think of a more exciting sequel to Mush’s latest book than one in which he details how he killed the world’s most wanted man.

That for later. For now, you can read more about the life of times of Mush and Bush in the Times next week.

By which time, of course, Bin Laden might have been caught, and getting ready to put his own pen to paper.

In Osama: Gunned Down, the leader of al-Qaeda will tell of his run-ins with Mush, and of the time he too was insulted by Arsenal, the team that, like Ashley Cole, he worshipped as a lad.

More to follow…

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