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Lindsay Lohan’s Pain

by | 25th, September 2006

LINDSAY Lohan’s dad has plenty of time on his hands.

And having sent Lindsay a pictorial message, he has now written her a note, which has been delivered to the Sun.

Serving a four-year sentence for drink-driving, attempted assault, aggravated harassment and criminal contempt, Michael Lohan writes: “It pains me to have to write to you like this, but it’s evident that my letters never reach you. My messages never get to you and ‘people’ continue to build walls between us.”

Some of these walls can be found at the Collins Correctional Facility near Buffalo, New York, where Michael is being kept.

He continues: “I hold you absolutely blameless for all that’s been said and portrayed, as I know it has been under the advice of others, to sway both the court and public opinion.”

Michael who has found a pen and God in prison, writes on. He talks of the “pain that comes with love, especially when two hearts are divided”.

And then: “I trust you. I believe in you and I will love and protect you until my dying breath and if that’s what it takes so be it.”

It is all so very dramatic. But Michael should rest easy. He need not lay down his life. The papers are keeping a firm eye on Lindsay.

Whether it’s “falling drunk out of clubs, hitting town knickerless, taking drugs and an eating disorder”, the Sun will cover it in minute detail.

And if in the course of its duty the Sun finds cause to look up Lindsay’s skirt, then so be it. It will not flinch in its task.

As the paper concludes: “Who knows if the letter will prompt Lindsay to get in touch? But a reunion might be the only way to stop the pain in her life.”

Or get him to quit writing to her…

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