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Sienna Cuts It

by | 27th, September 2006

SIENNA Miller is at it again.

Being blonde is what Sienna does so very well, and today she is being blonde on the cover of the Express.

Inside the paper, Sienna is still being blonde. And what’s more, she’s wearing a dress.

But what’s this? A wardrobe malfunction? No shots of Sienna’s nipples are forthcoming (you have to search the internet for those). All we get is a big tear in the side of Sienna’s latest gown.

Sienna is on the red carpet in New York for the opening of the Puccini Opera Madam Butterfly, or a bag of crisps – or chips as our American cousins call them.

But horror struck. The dress tore. Who makes this flimsy rubbish, we ask?

The Express checks the label on the silk and organza teabag and sees a brand owned by Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman, who just happens to be the lover of Harvey Weinstein, controller of the Miramax film company.

This link between fashion and film makes us wonder if Sienna’s clothes are not real clothes at all but stage clothes. That’s no rip, just a break in the Velcro. And any second Sienna will strip off her outfit to rapturous applause, revealing another outfit beneath.

The performance will only end when Sienna is naked or someone shouts: “Cut!”

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