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Off Yer Bike

by | 28th, September 2006

USUALLY it takes time for a newspaper campaign to achieve results.

The Sun’s anti-global warming campaign has yet to refreeze the melting icecaps, and the Mirror’s campaign to get a picture of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan on every page is only nearly there.

But the Mail has achieved results in quick time. It can report that just two days on from its expose into the crazy world of Viscount Linley, it is victorious.

The Queen’s nephew has removed his daughter from the parcel shelf at the rear of his foldaway push bike and made her walk to school.

“Good lord!” says the paper. “…look who’s decided it’s safer if you walk to school.”

But what with newspapers being competitive beasts, the Mirror makes no mention of the Mail’s part in this. It prefers to attribute the un-biking of Linley to his “angry wife”.

As a pal tells the paper: “Serena made it clear to David she thought it was irresponsible to put their daughter in such danger.”

For sure. And while we wonder if Serena Linley reads the Mail with her breakfast muffin, we note that Linley still disappoints certain sections of the Mail’s readership.

And we await the paper’s next campaign – to get our royals off the street and back in a horse-drawn gold carriage where they belong…

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