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by | 28th, September 2006


Another day and another Pete Doherty story in the Sun. And we read that Pete has written a terrifically catchy tune – it promises to do for syringes what Rolf Harris did for Two Little Boys, and then some.

But the Sun is unimpressed. The paper’s Victoria Newton says Pete “sneaked out” of his Dublin hotel to buy his “secret package”.

“At 12.05 he walked into Health Express chemist in Millennium Ways, Dublin, on his own.”

You may have seen him. He was, as Victoria tells us, wearing a “scruffy white T-shirt and black suit”. When he left the chemist he had the bag of needles in “his top pocket”.

For reasons of identification, the Sun produces a shot of the bloated shopper sitting in the back of car, the colour and make of which is not reported, although the interior is grey.

But when Pete is not shopping, he is receiving therapy. And his name is doing wonders for The Priory. The Sun reports that Pete’s fans have been checking in to the exclusive celebrity club in the hope of seeing their idol.

The source says: “The girls turn up complaining of suffering from anxiety and start asking about Pete.

“Pete has even visited some of the girls and helped them write poems… They think being in rehab is cool…it’s not.”

Of course it is not. Sure they can hang out with pop stars – Pete was in the clinic at the same time as Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) and Tom Chaplin (Keane).

And, granted, you can read about the stars’ battles with drugs and drink in the papers. But therapy is not cool. Even if the Mirror hears Pete say: “My new addiction is rehab.”

Better he stick to collecting syringes…

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