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A Law Unto Himself

by | 2nd, October 2006

JUDE Law is talking. He’s telling us about his relationship with the nanny and how he came to split with Sienna Miller.

“Man sleeps with nanny” is not an original story. And in keeping with the clichéd theme Jude says: “You have to take it on the chin and learn somehow to hold your head up high and face up to it.”

Indeed. And Jude may care to add that you have to look it in the eye, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and realise that two birds in the hand can spoil the broth.

“You can’t spend your life apologising,” says Jude. “You can hold you hands up and say ‘I fucked up’. You can do everything in your power to make your pain better.”

He says “the cards are settling” in his life. “He’s learnt to be more “bulletproof”.

He goes on: “I see myself for what I am – a dad and an actor. These are two very harsh big truths.”

We’re sure Jude’s children will love knowing that their father considers it a “harsh truth” to be their dad.

And how dad and the nanny, one Daisy Wright, had sex on a pool table.

More clichés to follow…

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