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Jamie Oliver – Young Conservative

by | 2nd, October 2006

JAMIE OLIVER is getting ready to speak. The would–be Young Conservative is talking about family matters.

In conversation with Good Housekeeping magazine, a chat picked up by the Mail, Jamie says: “As far as holding a family or a nation’s food culture together, it’s always been women.” Until the Second World War. “Women went to work and stayed in work,” says Jamie, now wearing his historical chef’s hat. “To my mind that’s why we’ve lost our food culture.”

Who would have thought that the murderous loon Adolf Hitler and his evil regime would enable women to escape the kitchen and carve out lives for themselves as models, TV presenters and writers of books on mothering, like Jamie’s wife Jools?

Because of Hitler we have women working, ready meals and, very possibly, McDonald’s.

But while we await Jamie’s historical tome “Hitler & The Death Of The Jam Roly Poly”, we note that he has also been in conversation with Jonathan Ross.

In “WOSSY TALKS OUT OF HIS RS”, the Sun focuses on the TV chat show host. On the subject of Jamie’s school dinners project, says Ross: “Part of the problem then would be education of some parents.” He adds: “Do you think we should put something in the water to stop some people having children in the future?”

Oliver: What, you mean like lead.
Ross: You know the kind of people I’m taking about. Council estates.

In the Star, this is “Wossy’s rant at estate kids”. “It’s downright disrespectful,” says one viewer. And the Sun is besieged by “furious readers”. Joe from Birmingham tells the paper: “It’s downright disrespectful.”

And Anorak’s in-house benefits claimant finishes pouring coke into her baby’s bottle, and says: “It’s downright disrespectful.”

And so it is. Council estates! Or “f****** council estates”, as Jamie may be wont to say, skilfully using language that people who live in such places can comprehend. Pah! That Hitler has much to answer for…

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