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The Yellow Perils

by | 3rd, October 2006

STRICTLY speaking, Nasser Khan, driver of a red Toyota MR2, should only have received a parking ticket once he had moved his vehicle.

As the Mail’s picture clearly shows, the workman who painted double yellow lines on the road under Mr Khan’s car, which was already parked, was unable to get beneath the wheels.

We put it to the Beak that Mr Khan was parked legally, his wheels resting on nothing but unpainted tarmac. He only touched yellow when he moved he vehicle.

As Mr Khan says: “When I parked it that morning, there had been a gap with no marking, so obviously I thought it was perfectly fine to leave my car there. But when I got back, the line has mysteriously appeared.”

Salford council are investigating the incident. And we too are interested to find out why Mr Khan’s car was not lifted into the air to facilitate correct line paining.

Leaving a gap in the double yellow lines that add colour to every street in Britain is a clear breach in council policy. Heads will roll.

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