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David Beckham Trains Angelina Jolie’s Boy

by | 3rd, October 2006

WHEN the film of David and Victoria Beckham comes to be made, Brad Pitt (David) will turn to Jennifer Aniston (Vicky) and curse the day he ever met Rebecca Loos (Angelina Jolie).

And it might yet happen. As the Sun reports, having added Tom Cruise to their celebrity Rollerdex, Day-vid and Vicky have now scored with Brad and Angelina.

In “Pitt’s a goal for Becks”, readers learn that the Jolie-Pitts have hired Day-vid to teach their son Maddox how to kick a football.

Having been enrolled in the David Beckham Soccer Academy in Los Angeles, the paper says that Maddox has shown early promise.

We do not wish to burst the young lad’s dreamy bubble of one day scoring for Manchester Devils, and merely note that at age five most lads have already been tapped up and tied up by clubs. If not over the hill, five is at the very least on football’s downward sloping pitch to Yeovil FC.

But their remains hope. And with intensive training Maddox might catch up. So Brad has asked Dayve to give his boy one-on-one tutorials.

If things go well, very soon Maddox will be able to strike the ball with rare skill, kick out a passing Argentine and hire his own PA…

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