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William Baseball Cap

by | 4th, October 2006

PRINCE William has gone to Mecca.

No, silly. He might be his Koran-reading father’s son, but William is not one to make a pilgrimage to Islam’s holiest city.

The Sun’s front-page news is that William has gone to the Mecca entertainment complex in Reading, Berkshire.

“WILLS GOES TO BINGO,” announces the paper. It’s eyes down, and eyebrows up as Wills buys a £5 book of five tickets and competes for the £20 prizes on offer.

“If he had won we were wondering if he would have shouted ‘palace’ instead of ‘house’,” says a “regular”. Indeed. And perhaps William sees the numbers in terms of succession to the throne – Charles after his mum, No. 1; Princess Anne on a racing line, No. 9; I’ll be seeing you, HRH Princess Margarita of Romania, No. 82…

It’s all jolly good fun. But Wills seems unsure. And we raise our eyebrows still higher on learning that he joined the club using the moniker “William Harry”.

The caper is then topped off by Wills sporting a baseball cap, in the manner of young Prince Harry Baseball Cap, well known gadabout and goodtime guy.

Perhaps this was just the tip of Wills’ cunning plan? Were he to have scooped the £20 jackpot, the prince may have intended to squander the booty on cigarettes, women and hooch.

But he did not win. He lost. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, and we will be on the look out for William Harry at other gambling dens and sinks of vice…

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