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Matthew McCounaughty Keeps Up

by | 4th, October 2006

LEST we labour under any misconception, Anorak needs to make its position clear – men do not enjoy watching other men exercise.

Indeed, the common British response to seeing a man out jogging is to say, “Look at that twat.” We take no pride in this. And we are aware that in America male exercise is considered a rite of passage. For this reason it is called “training”.

So we are sensitive to the Sun’s news that Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey – “Gym Matt” – is in training to make a workout tape.

Matt, pictured in the Sun pulling himself up on a bar, is getting in shape to make it as a video fitness trainer.

A source tells the Sun: “Matt wants to create a lifestyle and fitness video for me. It will be centred on how to get a killer surfer’s body.”

By “killer”, the source means “good”. And anyone who wants to be just like Matt can soon pop down to the video emporium and score footage of the actor doing push-ups, pull-ups and all manner of other ups.

And, assured of our sexuality and machismo, British men know that women prefer a man with a sense of humour and a body that does not make them feel inadequate…

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